The Team


Matěj Benda


My name is Matěj and I am 4 years in ELSA where I was the President of ELSA Prague and ELSA Czech Republic and also Vice President Seminars & Conferences on both levels. I am presenting myself now as the President of ICM Prague where I work with amazing team of 8 Vice Presidents and other 40 hardworking people from our Organising Committee that will exceed during upcoming months. I hope that whole project will be successful for us and satisfying for all participants. After ICM Prague 1997 and 2007, the new active ELSA generation closes its ELSA years and we hope that again after 10 years all of you will enjoy the meeting in Prague as much as possible!



Aneta Korcová

Vice President Participants

My name is Aneta Korcová and I will be taking care of Participants of ICM Prague 2017. I joined ELSA in 2012 and from the very beginning I have been helping in STEP area. Firstly, I became Vice President STEP ELSA Prague, then Vice President STEP ELSA Czech Republic and currently I´m Assistant for STEP Job Hunting ELSA International. I expect from ICM Prague to meet my friends again, to work hard on workshops and to make this ICM together with the rest of amazing and experienced Organising Committee one of the biggest and greatest ELSA events of all time!

I am looking forward to seeing all of you in Prague!

Mirka Pešková

Vice President Logistics

Hi, my name is Mirka Pešková and I am responsible for Logistics. My motivation for being in the Organising Committee of ICM ELSA Prague is the never ending spirit of ELSA. Especially ICMs are the most motivating events in our network because you can meet many new awesome people but also your old friends. After 3 years in ELSA and 4 ICMs I can't wait to prepare the best ICM ever for you!

Nikola Krátká

Vice President Accommodation

Hello everyone, my name is Nikola Krátká and I am current President of ELSA Czech Republic and also (what's the most important for you!) I am responsible for Accommodation of ICM Prague 2017.

ELSA is really close to my heart, therefore when I have heard about the possibility of joining Organising Committee of ICM Prague 2017, I didn't hesitate. I have joined the Organising Committee instantly because I would like to let you enjoy our beautiful Prague to the fullest!


Eva Karásková

Vice President Promotion

Hello everybody! My name is Eva and I am the current Vice President Marketing of ELSA Cezch Republic. I’ve been a part of ELSA for more than two years now and visited many national and international events. Not only because of the awesome ELSA Spirit and the people I’ve met during the whole time, I have become a part of the Organising Committee as the Vice President for Promotion. I will keep you updated as much as possible on everything you need to know.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Prague!

Vítězslav Traurig

Vice President Transportation

Hello, my name is Vítek Traurig and I am currently Vice President Academic Activities ELSA Czech Republic and in the Organising Committee of ICM Prague I am responsible for transportation. I live in Prague since I was born so I know the city very well. I can promise you that you will be everywhere on time and in the most comfortable way. I am really looking forward to organising such a huge event as ICM in the most beautiful city in the world! See you in Prague!


Karolína Kornfeilová

Vice President Social Programme

My name is Karolina Kornfeil and I've been active member of ELSA Prague for two years. The main reason why I decided to study in Prague was the cultural life. In last two years I had chance to visit the most amazing clubs in Central Europe and discover another beauties of this never sleeping city. I really can't wait to show you the best that Prague can offer.

Matěj Stejskal

Vice President Finance

Hi! My name is Matěj Stejskal and this year I am Treasurer of ELSA Prague. I am also responsible for finance of ICM Prague 2017, so whenever there is something on your mind which is connected with money do not hesitate to contact me. I hope that all of you will enjoy this amazing event!

Eliška Heisenbergerová

Vice President Alumni

Hi, my name is Eliška Heisenbergerová and I am studying law at West Bohemian University in Pilsen where I am Vice President Marketing ELSA Pilsen for this academic year. ICM Prague 2017 is one of the unique opportunities which I can not miss and the best way is to participate on it so I am going to taking care of Alumni and those of you who will come to enjoy pre-ICM or stay for after-ICM. I am looking forward to meeting and providing the best care for all Alumni members who will visit this enormous event in the most beautiful capital city in the heart of Europe - Prague.